(40 up to the level) Items of Botanist that can earn comparatively

How to get

Each item reference

The theme
Earn while leveling

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It is a continuation from the Lv30.

This article is up to Lv40.

The following is a relatively earn items.


Lv35 South-Shroud

Not only on the material of the Linen Yarn and Linseed Oil, it will also be the material of Ramie Thread that appeared after Ishgard.

These are the material of many equipment. In addition, Linseed Oil is the material of the Varnish and housing items.

・Mandrake Seeds

Lv35 Eastern-La-Noscea

Because that can be used in a variety of intercrosses, there is a demand.

Since for HIDDEN item, it is difficult to collect.

・Mahogany Log

LV40 Eastern-La-Noscea

It will be the material of the Mahogany Lumber.

The Mahogany Lumber also used in a number of equipment and housing items.


LV40 Eastern-La-Noscea

It will be used mainly as a material for Medicine.

Might items demand will increase in the future.


LV40 Eastern-La-Noscea

Such as Jerked Beef and Spinach Quiche, have been used in a variety of dishes.

Moreover, it is also used in Elixir.

These are the main items.

However, these items are also available at the request of the retainer.

Try not to expect too much is.