(40 up to the level) Items of Miner that can earn comparatively

How to get

Each item reference

The theme
Earn while leveling

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It is a continuation from the Lv30.

This article is up to Lv40.

The following is a relatively earn items.

・Mythril Ore

Lv35 Southern-Thanalan

It is the material of the Mythril Ingot and Mythrite Nugget.

These two items are used in a very large number of equipment.

Since the Mythrite Nugget is also the material of Mythrite Ingot, it has spread to many more equipment.


Lv35 Central-Shroud

It used in the material of a variety of housing items.

Cut Stone, which can make from this item is also a material of many housing items.

In addition, also used in the Exterior Wall of the house.

It will be 165 necessary if Large.

・Grenade Ash

Lv40 Norhern-Thanalan

Such as Titanium Nugget and Clinker Bricks, is the material of various items.

Since Titanium Nugget is a material of a lot of equipment, there is such a demand.

However, because the Grenade Ash can buy at the store, it is the attention to the price of the market.

・Black Alumen

Lv40 South-Shroud

Such as Raptor Leather and Hippogryph Leather, it has become a variety of Leather material.

These are the main items.

However, these items are also available at the request of the retainer.

Try not to expect too much is.