(30 up to the level) Items of Botanist that can earn comparatively

How to get

Each item reference

The theme
Earn while leveling

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Leveling of the gatherer is quite sober.

So in leveling, try to add a little purpose.

Let’s collected while leveling.

・Various Shard

Shard is even now, there is a demand.

Available means has been increased, but in the Aetherial Reduction is not available.

However, the price of the market is not so high.

By collecting a lot, I think it profitable.

By the way, there is a species that can get the shard.

○Firelight Seeds
Middle La Noscea

○Icelight Seeds
Western La Noscea

○Windlight Seeds
Central Shroud

○Earthlight Seeds
Lower La Noscea

○Levinlight Seeds
Central Thanalan

○Waterlight Seeds
Western Thanalan

You can also earn in these.


Lv15 Central-Shroud

It will be used in a variety of housing items.

It is also used in some of the Exterior Wall.

It will be 150 necessary if Large.

・Each Seedling

○Island Seedling
Lv20 Western-La-Noscea

○Shroud Seedling
Lv20 East-Shroud

○Desert Seedling
Lv20 Eastern-Thanalan

They will be used in a variety of housing items.

・Walnut Log

Lv25 South-Shroud

It is possible to make the Walnut Lumber from this item.

Walnut Lumber is used in a variety of such as equipment and housing items.

In addition, it is also a material of the Glamour Prism, there is a demand.

・Noble Grapes

Lv25 Upper-La-Noscea

It has become the material of the items that can be used to Leves, such as Grape Juice or Dark Vinegar.

In addition, because Dark Vinegar is also a material of Spicy Tomato Relish, there may be the demand.

・Midland Cabbage Seeds

Lv30 North-Shroud

Because it is used to intercrosses, there is a demand.

However, it is difficult to collect a lot.

These are the main items.

However, these items are also available at the request of the retainer.(Excepting Shard’s Seeds)

Try not to expect too much is.