(Making Gil in FFXIV) Crystal Glass

How to get

Alchemist 50☆☆

Silex ×3

Water Crystal ×5

Craftsmanship 347 or more

Quick Synthesis
Craftsmanship 391 or more

The theme
Earn by an item to use in a variety of applications

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For Crystal Glass is used in a variety of situations, there is a demand.

Here are some examples.

1. equipment

【Land and Hand equipment that has been added in patch 3.3】

Carbonweave Cap of Gathering

Ironworks Cap of Gathering

High Mythrite Alembic

【Replica equipment】

Replica Allagan Scepter

Replica High Allagan Staff

Replica High Allagan Star Globe

【For Red Crafters’ Scrip】

Chimerical Felt Coif of Aiming

Besides, it has become the material of the various equipment.

2.Housing items

Including the Indirect Stand Lighting, it is used in a variety of housing items.

Indirect Lighting

Stained Crystal Interior Wall

Faerie Chandelier


From this item, you can make an Elegant Rimless Glasses and Reading Glasses.

・Elegant Rimless Glasses

Crystal Glass ×2
Silver Ingot
Wind Shard ×8
Fire Shard ×7

・Reading Glasses

Crystal Glass ×2
Silver Ingot
Wind Shard ×8
Fire Shard ×7

Desynthesis of these equipment, Fieldcraft Demimateria III will appear.

Now, let’s check the material of the Crystal Glass.


Mining in the Southern Thanalan


Effervescent Water(Mining in the South Shroud)
Rock Salt(Buy at the store)
Water Shard ×2


Replace the Company Seals and Ixali Oaknot

I think that any material also is not difficult to collect.

Crystal Glass can be used for a lot of things.

Let’s earn using one’s own way.