(Making Gil in FFXIV) Indirect Stand Lighting

How to get

Armorer 60☆☆☆
Master Recipe Books IV

Titanium Alloy Ingot ×3
Wolfram Ingot ×3
Titanium Rivets ×3
Crystal Glass
Tallow Candle ×8

Ice Cluster ×3
Earth Cluster ×2

Craftsmanship 850 or more
Control 820 or more

The theme
Earn in unusual items

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There is Furnishing that called Indirect Stand Lighting.

Is is a spotlight.

If installed in the housing, you can illuminate a variety of places.

It is important that illuminate a particular location.

Such a item is not almost non-existent.

It is popular for use in a variety of play.

For example, you can use when you make a video and screenshots.

It is possible to enjoy shed light on the character and furniture.

Since the housing can adjust the brightness of the room, there is also a way to shoot a dark room.

Let’s earn in this item.

It is a confirmation of the material.
Crystal will be omitted.

Titanium Alloy Ingot
SphaleriteSphalerite ×2
Titanium Nugget

Wolfram Ingot
Cobalt Ore

Titanium Rivets
Titanium Nugget

Crystal Glass
Silex ×3

Tallow Candle
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I think that it is not difficult to collect but there are many troublesome material.

However, the drawback of this item is located in the production level of difficulty.

Because of 60☆☆☆, you are required “Craftsmanship 850 or more” and “Control 820 or more”.

If the powerful equipment, I think that it is possible making Gil.