(Making Gil in FFXIV) Horn Glue

How to get

Alchemist 30

Aldgoat Horn ×2
Water Shard ×3

The theme
Earn an item to be sometimes necessary

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About Horn Glue

Material of this item is the only Aldgoat Horn.

It is also possible to buy at the store, it is also available by the Hunting of retainer.

However, Horn Glue has a certain price in the market.

There are various reasons.

First, although the buy at the store, not sold in the town.

The location is beast tribe quests’s shop of Kobolds.

Moreover, it has been sold in 238 Gil.

Because the high price in the store, the profit would be reduced.

So even if to gather, usually must go to hunt because the drop from monsters.

These has become a cause to keep the price of the Horn Glue.

There are other content to use in large quantities.

The first is airship.

For example, it uses 18 pieces in the Bronco-type and Invincible-type.

However, there are items that use a lot more.

It is Mogwall series.

If you make a Monstrously Large Mogwall, 150 is required.

There is necessary to suppress the material cost in order to earn.

If the level is higher, can beat the monster immediately.

If you want to make cheap, I think that is good to collect in yourself.