(Making Gil in FFXIV) Doravanian Down Tree

How to get

Alchemist 60☆☆
Master Recipe Books III

Dravanian Mote
Growth Formula Zeta ×3

Water Cluster ×2
Lightning Cluster ×2

Craftsmanship 718 or more
Control 695 or more

The theme
Earn an item which the material has become cheaper

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Doravanian Down Tree is one of the Outdoor Furnishing.

It is easy to earn from several reasons.

First of all, it is the inexpensive material.

Dravanian Mote can be obtained from the Exploratory Voyages.

Because increased the player to use the airship recently, the number of supply increases, it seems Dravanian Mote has become cheaper.

Growth Formula Zeta will drop from the Timeworn Dragonskin Map.

For The-Aquapolis demand, this item also supply has increased.

Since both of the items have become cheaper due to increased number of supply in patch 3.3, it is easy to earn.

Another reason is the demand.

Since the emission in pink at night, it is really fantastic.

There is also a good-looking, but there is a place that also use other.

It is Mogwall series.

It used to make the Exterior Wall.

Thanks to the Moogle beast tribe quests, might have become so that the presence of the Doravanian Down Tree is known.

For this reason, it seems to have risen in popularity.

This item can not stack, the exhibition becomes the single item is a drawback.

Be careful because the exhibition total number is limited.

I think that is good to earn exhibited little by little.