(Making Gil in FFXIV) Luminous Fiber

How to get

Alchemist 60☆☆ Master Recipe Books IV

Glass Fiber ×3
Crystallized Sap
Light-kissed Aethersand

Water Cluster ×2
Lightning Cluster ×2

Only specialist(patch 3.3 now)

Craftsmanship 718 or more
Control 695 or more

Three available in production

The theme Earn an item which the material has become cheaper

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Luminous Fiber is the material of the new land and hand Armor that has been added in patch 3.3.

Previously item had been trading at a higher price, but recently it has been to some extent down.

Since the price has come down, consider the fact that earn at Luminous Fiber.

Usually it may not earn if fallen below the price, but the important thing is profit.

Previously is too high material costs, it is difficult to manufacture.

If make a mistake of the timing to sell it, there was even loss.

However, since the price of Luminous Fiber becomes  lower, it can earn stable.

Let’s earn in Luminous Fiber.

So why the material cost is cheaper.

Because Glass Fiber has become cheaper.

There was a change in the Moogle’s Beast tribe quests among them.

When the Beast Tribe Relations level is 7, and to clear one of the Quest, now Carved Kupo Nut is get three.

From being subject to three quests at a time, you get nine at the maximum per day.

Player to be earn in the item, and replace it with a Glass Fiber.

Because the amount of supply has increased, it Glass Fiber has become cheaper.

However, the price of Meteorite, Crystallized Sap and Light-kissed Aethersand does not seem to be changed much.

I think that it is suppressed the cost if you go to take your own.

Let’s think about the production of the Luminous Fiber.

In fact, the difficulty is not so high.

Alchemist is Camphor. Weaver is the Sewing Thread.

Exactly the degree of same difficulty.

However, specialist can only production.

If you can not produce, should gather the material.

Between the Luminous Fiber is at least patch 3.X, I think that there is a demand.

In addition, there is a possibility that ceases to be specialist in patch 3.4.

It is the same for the new land and hand Armor.

At that time, there is also a way to earn exhibited.

It is attention to the timing to sell.


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