(Making Gil in FFXIV) Varnish

How to get

Alchemist Lv41

Raw Amber
Linseed Oil

Water Shard ×5

The theme Earn a useful item

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First, make sure the material.

Raw Amber

Eastern-Thanalan Lv45

Linseed Oil

Flax ×2
 South-Shroud Lv35
Water Shard ×5


Buy at the shop

Raw Amber and Linseed Oil can be obtained by requesting the retainer.

Not difficult to collect the material, is an item that can make in about level 40.

However, there is a demand because of the various use applications.

First, it use also of level 50 or later equipment.

Some of these equipment, there are those that are the subject of Leves and Blue Crafters’ Scrip.

Hallowed Chestnut Armillae

Hallowed Chestnut Lumber ×2
Wind Crystal ×5
Ice Crystal ×5

Since Hallowed Chestnut Lumber is also available at The Aquapolis, it is easy to make right now.

Next, it is a Japanese-style housing items, has become the material of  Staggered Shelf, Oriental Wood Bridge and Oriental Deck.

Oriental Deck

Ancient Lumber ×7
Roof Tile ×15
Granite ×2
Varnish ×4
Maiden Grass ×5
Fieldcraft Demimateria II ×3

It is used to Armoire to the other.


Ebony Lumber ×5
Wolfram Ingot ×2
Varnish ×4
Wind Cluster ×2
Ice Cluster ×2

In addition, there is also content to use in large quantities.

Airship and Exterior Wall to make in the company projects is so.

In this way it has become a items that are variously used even now.

Depending on their circumstances, I think it’s be a good making Gil.