(Making Gil in FFXIV) Ixali Oaknot

How to get

To clear a specific quest of Ixal’s Beast-tribe-quests

The theme Earn with Materia IV

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In Ixal’s Beast-tribe-quests, you can obtain an item called Ixali Oaknot.

One in quest of Lv15, is two in the quest of Lv16.

You can get the Materia IV only quest of Lv16.

Do them all, Ixali Oaknot can be six available.

It can be replaced with some other items in the shop here.

Materia IV not just, let’s earn in Ixali Oaknot.

The first is the exchange item list. (Ehcatl Smithing Gloves is excluded)

1 Cooking Sherry × 20
1 Filtered Water × 20
1 Voidsent Blood × 20
1 Coke × 2
1 Animal Fat × 2
1 Hardened Sap × 2
1 Potash × 2
1 Lime Sulphur × 2
1 Aqueous Whetstone × 2
1 Peacock Ore × 2
1 Minium × 2
1 Star Anise × 10
1 Dalamud Popoto × 10
1 Royal Kukuru Bean × 10
1 Canard Breast × 10
2 Tawny Latex
4 Xelphatol Spring Water
7 Petrified Log
7 Scheelite
7 Raziqsand
7 Saurian Skin
7 Cashmere Fleece
7 Emery
8 Ehcatl Sealant

Which item is earn, there is a possibility that differ by the server.

There is a need to compare the market.

For example, Aqueous Whetstone and Minium can be replaced twelve to six Ixali Oaknot.

Comparing the number, there is a possibility that earn most.

Xelphatol Spring Water is required four to exchange.

Since the material of the useful items, there is also the case that this item earn.

However, since such as Cashmere Fleece has no recent demand, there is a possibility of a loss but use seven to exchange.

Exchange rate does not necessarily reflect the price of the market.

Let’s decide the items to be replaced after confirming the market.

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