(Making Gil in FFXIV) Large Levin Orb

How to get

Available from The Striking Tree (Extreme)

The theme Make a new demand

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Large Levin Orb is available from The Striking Tree (Extreme).

It is traded at a higher price from a variety of reasons.

First of all, it has been to exchange the item for AW.

However, I think that this demand is not much.

Most of the demand is equipped.

This item has become the material of the equipment that has been added in patch 3.3.

For example, if it is the case of the bow,

Mighty Thunderdart

Carpenter 50☆☆☆☆
Master Carpenter II

Wolfram Ingot
Ancient Lumber ×3
Gold Ingot
Large Levin Orb
Battlecraft Demimateria III ×5

Lightning Cluster ×4

Such Arms has been added.

Out effect around the weapon, it is cool.

There is a demand because such equipment can be proud of.

And, will the fact that there is a demand of the Large Levin Orb that is the material.

Large Levin Orb is available from The Striking Tree (Extreme).

It is also available in Undersized Party.

And since the probability available in patch 3.3 has been relaxed, making it relatively easy to obtain.

Since making Gil that can be in the battle, let’s earn collected steadily.

In addition, if doing Crafter, it can also be exhibited by making the equipment.

Since the use Battlecraft Demimateria III in large quantities, let’s collect it yourself if cheaper material costs.

Let’s earn by selling while careful timing.