(Making Gil in FFXIV) Neo Aetherstone

How to get

Each item reference

The theme Earn in the lack of exhibition

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Item called Neo Aetherstone has been added in patch 3.3.

This is a continuation of Allagan Aetherstone and High Allagan Aetherstone.

This item will available at The Final Coil of Bahamut.

Neo Aetherstone has become a Replica Dreadwyrm equipment of material.

Let’s earn in the demand.

The first is the available data.

Turn 1:Head, Hands, Feet

Turn 2:Head, Legs

Turn 3:Hands, Feet

Turn 4:Body

Body and Legs are popular.

In particular, it is the Legs to attention.

Legs are available in Turn 2, but perhaps the most difficult of the all Turn.

Exhibition for the also seem less.

Let’s earnings have exhibited before the price drops.

Neo Aetherstone is also available in Undersized Party.

Because the Orchestrion Roll is also available from the Turn 3 and Turn 4, it would be good idea to aim at the same time.

In addition, I think that is also good to make the equipment if possible.

This time, you can make even without a crafting specialist.

Since Allagan Aetherstone had been a drop in prices, let’s earn before it becomes so.