(Making Gil in FFXIV) Bacon Broth

How to get

Culinarian 50☆☆☆☆ Master Recipe Books II

Smoked Bacon
Xelphatol Spring Water
La Noscean Leek
Garlean Garlic
Volcanic Rock Salt
Black Pepper

Fire Cluster ×2
Water Cluster ×2

The theme Earn in the Desynthesis of demand

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Bacon Broth is only in the current Meals, have the effect of raising the Careful Desynthesis.

Since the new item comes from Desynthesis in patch 3.3, there is a demand for items that increase the Careful Desynthesis.

For example, Tinker’s Calm also apply to it.

It is a high capacity towards the Tinker’s Calm, but Bacon Broth effect time has become 30 minutes.

In addition, Tinker’s Calm and Bacon Broth can be used in combination, is why there is a demand.

Since the rise value increases, let’s aim as much as possible HQ.

Since there is also a possibility of a deficit you must be careful so as not to NQ.

So, it is a confirmation of the material.

Smoked Bacon can be replaced by Company Seals.

Xelphatol Spring Water is hard to prepare a little.

This item is available at Beast tribe quests of Ixal, you can get by exchanging Ixali Oaknot.

Because there is a limit on the amount that can be obtained in one day, there is a possibility that the higher the price of the market.

It might be better to collect on their own.

La Noscean Leek Western-La-Noscea
ET 8:00 Slot 6

Volcanic Rock Salt Eastern-La-Noscea
ET 17:00 Slot 1

La Noscean Leek and Volcanic Rock Salt are Unspoiled places.

However, you can request at the retainer.

Garlean Garlic and Black Pepper is you can buy at the store.

Level of Bacon Broth is 50☆☆☆☆.

If you can not manufacture, let’s think of another way, such as collecting the material.

This Meal is for the good even with your own items, I think you can not lose even if not sold.

Let’s exhibition to check the price of the market.