(Making Gil in FFXIV) Snurbleberry Tart

How to get

Culinarian 60☆ Master Recipe Books III

Snurbleberry ×2
Pie Dough
Birch Syrup
Fermented Butter
Duskborne Aethersand

Fire Cluster ×2
Water Cluster

The theme Earn toward the Fisher

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Since the last time I introduced the Seafood Stew for Crafter, this is the Snurbleberry Tart for Gatherer.

Feature of this Meal, it is that most Gathering in all of Meals at this stage is increased.

What to do to raise the so Gathering.

It is Big fishing in Ishgard.

Opponent is mighty.

Not enough just equipment capacity.

It is the Meal and the Gathering for that.

Now, let’s check the material.

The problem is Snurbleberry and Fermented Butter.


Botanist 60☆
Unspoiled point(Need Folklore)

Lower-Dravania ET 19:00
Slot 2

Fermented Butter

Yak Milk ×5
Fire Shard ×7

Snurbleberry requires Folklore.

If you do not have a Folklore, let’s first aim to get.

Fermented Butter will use Yak Milk.

This is collected difficult because the drop from the enemy.

However, it is possible to request for the retainer, it is not so severe.

Birch Syrup can only Birch Sap and Fire Shard.

Gelatin and Pie Dough are easy so make only material of the shop selling.

Although Duskborne-Aethersand is available in Aetherial Reduction, I think that it is not so high because whichever is easier to obtain.

Just recently it might have become more expensive and less supply.

Use a variety of materials, but is suppressed the cost if you collect yourself.

This Meal is for the good even with your own items, I think you can not lose even if not sold.

Let’s exhibition to check the price of the market.