(Making Gil in FFXIV) Orchestrion

How to get

Carpenter 60☆☆ Master Recipe Books IV

Cassia Block
Birch Lumber ×3
Rosewood Lumber ×3
Gold Ingot
Scale Glue

Wind Cluster ×2
Ice Cluster ×2

Craftsmanship 718 or more
Control 695 or more

The theme Earn in the demand for housing

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Orchestrion is a content that can listen to music by collecting the Orchestrion Roll.

This item is now able to create even without specialist in patch 3.3.

Also because the housing was added in patch 3.3, it has increased the demand for housing items.

Consider that earn in this item if can make in your own situation.

The most problem in making this Orchestrion is Cassia Block.

The other item is to be collected plenty, but since only Cassia Block has been using material of the Exploratory Voyages, if there is no housing must buy in the market.

Cassia Lumber

Cassia Log ×3(available at Exploratory Voyages)
Hardened Sap ×9(such Company Seals)
Wind Crystal ×2
Ice Crystal

Cassia Block

Cassia Lumber
Astral Oil
Dawnborne Aethersand
Wind Cluster ×2
Ice Cluster

In this way, it takes time and effort to make.

If you buy a variety of material in the market, there is likely to be in deficit.

Or create a material, with or calculate the price of the market, let’s be careful.

So Orchestrion Roll is added to each patch, demand would continue.

However, there is a possibility that the price of the material is made cheaper by the patch.

Before the price of the Orchestrion falls, I think it is good to make as soon as possible.