(Making Gil in FFXIV) Seafood Stew

How to get

Culinarian 60☆ Master Recipe Books III

Dravanian Paprika ×2
Blueclaw Shrimp
Coerthan Crab
Rock Mussel
Dzemael Tomato ×2
Duskborne Aethersand

Fire Cluster ×2
Water Cluster

The theme Earn toward the Crafter

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There was a significant change in the Crafter in patch 3.3.

One is that the final equipment for land and hand in Patch 3.X has been added.

The other one the quantity of items synthesized of cooking has been changed from one to three.

So towards the Crafter, let’s sell the number of production has increased Meals.

Choose what the status of the Crafter is increased.

Among them, Seafood Stew will increase most CP in all Meals.

Since the increase until further Control, there are many players use.

Now, let’s check the material where to get.

Dravanian Paprika

Botanist 60☆
Unspoiled point(Need Folklore)

Coerthas-Western-Highlands ET 19:00
Slot 3

Blueclaw Shrimp

Fishing in such Upper-Dravania

Coerthan Crab

Fishing in Coerthas-West-Highlands

Rock Mussel

Fishing in Upper-Dravania

Dzemael Tomato

Botanist 60☆
Unspoiled point

Eastern-La-Noscea ET 13:00
Slot 3

If this is available arranged in order troublesome,

Dravanian Paprika

Coerthan Crab

Rock Mussel

Blueclaw Shrimp

Dzemael Tomato

Since Dravanian Paprika is necessary Folklore, it has become difficult to obtain.

Of course, you can not get at the request of the retainer.

However, since about 15 pieces available at once, it is not difficult to collect.

Next is Coerthan Crab.

Because you can not ask the retainer.

Once it is also possible at the Waterside Exploration.

However, the approach is inefficient.

Because to collect a something cumbersome, it will be in this order.

Rock Mussel and Blueclaw Shrimp are available at fishing.

You can get at the request of the retainer.

Dzemael Tomato will take also at the request of the retainer.

If you can not manufacture on its own situation, I think also good that collect these items.

Seafood Stew is a useful item.

You can also use it for yourself.

I think that it is an item that does not the loss be made.