(Making Gil in FFXIV) Mandrake Seeds

How to get


Eastern-La-Noscea Lv35-Bloodshore

Also available by botany of Retainer Ventures

The theme Earn in handy making Gil

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Mandrake Seeds is used in the gardening of housing.

Since the housing holders has increased in patch 3.3, and increased Topsoil and Seeds demand.

Mandrake Seeds among them is not difficult to obtain, but there is demand.

This item is not unspoiled.

Available by botany of Retainer Ventures.

It even to sell is because there is a demand for Intercrossing.

Eggplant Knight Seeds, Tomato King Seeds, Azeyma Rose Seeds and Mimett Gourd Seeds.

Widely used is useful Seeds.

Seeds is often a lack of preparation in comparison with the Topsoil.

There is a need to plant Seeds to be crossed before the harvest.

Therefore, lack of preparation of the player will buy in a hurry.

Let’s collect the Seeds as a handy making Gil.