(Making Gil in FFXIV) Meteorite and Crystallized Sap

How to get


Miner 60☆(Unspoiled)
Gathering 720 or more

Location: Abalathias-Spine
Time: 1:00
Slot: 3

Crystallized Sap

Botanist 60☆(Unspoiled)
Gathering 720 or more

Location: Dravania-Spine
Time: 15:00
Slot: 4

The theme Earn at HQ

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Until now, I introduced the Light-kissed Aethersand and Glass Fiber.

Since these are the material of the Luminous Fiber, also in same material in Meteorite and Crystallized Sap, I would like to once touched.

However, there is a possibility that has dropped the price of the market.

Because use only one each.

These items are available 10 or more at a time of harvest.

Therefore, the demand for NQ is not much.

To make Gil would be better to prepare the HQ.

HQ is there is a reason to sell.

Since the Quality of Crafting is increased, the players would want the HQ.

Because the item is a high degree of difficulty, there is such demand.

However, there is a point to note.

Meteorite and Crystallized Sap in order to get at HQ is required Perception is more than 740.

Let’s strengthen the equipment.

Since NQ even a little sell, you should earn a certain extent.

Let’s sell the player to try to make the Luminous Fiber.