FFXIV Crafter technique Careful Synthesis II

This is the attention to the Careful Synthesis II.

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Careful Synthesis II

Learning in the Weaver level 50
CP 0
Increases progress. Efficiency: 120% Success Rate: 100%

This action is also required to manufacture the same as the Steady Hand.

You should understand well the difference to try compared with the “Basic Synthesis”.

Careful Synthesis II
CP 0
Increases progress. Efficiency: 120% Success Rate: 100%

Basic Synthesis
CP 0
Increases progress. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 90%

The success rate of Careful Synthesis II is 100%.

Because surely to success it becomes easy to compute.

It will save the CP because it is not necessary to use the Steady Hand.

In addition, please note in place of Efficiency.

Against 120 of the Careful Synthesis II, Basic Synthesis is 100.

In other words, “Careful Synthesis II” is not only the success rate was 100%, power even is above the “Basic Synthesis”.

So, try taking a specific way.

It is basically the same as the Basic Synthesis, but it is the way by taking advantage of there.

Repeat the Careful Synthesis II, to immediately before completion

For Touch

And finally to be completed by the Careful Synthesis II

Since the Careful Synthesis II always succeed, rest is a simple calculation.

In addition, you will be able to use the adjustment of the action if you get used to it.

For example, Steady Hand and Careful Synthesis II are not good when used together.

So, during the effect of the Steady Hand to use the Hasty Touch, use the Careful Synthesis II when the effect has expired.

Using the success rate of 100%, you should be able to variety.

Because the action is worth, let’s by all means learn.

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