FFXIV Crafter technique Hasty Touch

This is the attention to the Hasty Touch.

Hasty Touch can increase the quality.

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Hasty Touch

Learning in the Culinarian level 15
CP 0
Increases quality and requires no CP. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 50%

Hasty Touch is the advantage that the CP is 0.

If there remains even Durability, it can be Touch any number.

Problem is the success rate be 50%.

I feel that useless in this success rate, but will change into a powerful action when combined with some action.

The action is Steady Hand II.

Since the Steady Hand II will increase the success rate of 30%, it means success rate of Hasty Touch is 80%.

Successful in considerable probability, still does not use the CP.

Let’s compared with the Basic Touch whether how different.

Hasty Touch CP 0
Basic Touch CP 18
Steady Hand II CP 25 (effect is 5 turns)
Master’s Mend II CP 160 (Restores item durability by 60)

Basic Touch    Hasty Touch

1th 43 (+43)   25 (+25) Use Steady Hand II
2th 61 (+18)   25 (+0)
3th 79 (+18)   25 (+0)
4th 97 (+18)   25 (+0)
5th 115 (+18)  25 (+0)
6th 158 (+43)  50 (+25) Use Steady Hand II
7th 336 (+178) 210 (+160) Use Master’s Mend II
8th 354 (+18)  210 (+0)
9th 372 (+18)  210 (+0)

Touch was done simply 9 times.

“Basic Touch” is the success rate of 100% in the steady hand II but CP is used in large quantities.

“Hasty Touch” is success rate of 80%, however, can save a large CP.

Therefore, it is possible to use a sparing CP to other actions.

Moreover, Basic Touch and Hasty Hand are the action power is the same.

Hasty Hand is not weaker than Basic Touch.

However, success rate is 80%.

Be repeated many times, there is a possibility to fail more than half.

Therefore, it is not stable to make the HQ.

Consider from the item and your situation to make.

Since the Hasty Touch do not use the CP, it is valid even when the player level is low.

So Culinarian can learn the Hasty Touch, please by all means learn this action.

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