FFXIV Crafter technique Steady Hand

This is the attention to the Steady Hand.

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Steady Hand

Learning in the Crafter class level 9
Improves action success rate by 20% for the next five steps.

Steady Hand II

Learning in the Culinarian level 37
Improves action success rate by 30% for the next five steps.

These two, only increase the success rate of other actions, there is no particular Synthesis or Touch.

It seems like there is no need to use, in order to make a reliably HQ is required.

This is because it is often the success rate of the action is not 100%.

Let’s look at the basic actions Synthesis and Touch.

Basic Synthesis
Increases progress. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 90%

Basic Touch
Increases quality. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 70%

Even though the basic actions, both the success rate is not 100%.

And led to the Touch, you can finally success rate of 100% by using Steady Hand II.

So why increase the success rate.

It is a risk measures.

Gatherer does not lose if it fails.

But Crafter is material will disappear if it fails.

If high material is a big loss.

It is important to ensure successful in order not to waste items.

And, makes it easier to be calculated if the success rate of 100%.

Macro is also set easy.

Since the Touch type actions of what is often a low success rate, it helps to make the HQ.

Steady Hand is required for reliable production.

By the way, it puts all the action success rate is not 100%. (Except for specialist action)

Work type

90% Basic Synthesis
90% Standard Touch
50% Rapid Synthesis
90% Brand of Wind
90% Brand of Fire
90% Brand of Ice
90% Brand of Earth
90% Brand of Lightning
90% Brand of Water
90% Flawless Synthesis
90% Piece by Piece

Touch type

70% Basic Touch
80% Standard Touch
90% Advanced Touch
50% Hasty Touch
90% Byregot’s Blessing
70% Precise Touch

Steady Hand I think it is difficult to master while the level is low.

To think about whether to use the CP to any actions because I think that it is the pleasure of the Crafter, let’s try a variety.

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