(Making Gil in FFXIV) Sewing Thread

How to get

Weaver 60 ☆☆

Whitefrost Cotton Boll × 3
Lightning Crystal × 7
Wind Crystal × 7

master books 4
Craftsmanship 718 or more
Control 695 or more

Quick Synthesis
Craftsmanship 810 or more

The theme Earn an item that the recipe has been added

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Sewing Thread is now suddenly on the material of the specific items in the patch 3.3.

The item is Carbonweave equipment.

This equipment is equipped for land and hand. However, this equipment has a lower performance than Ironworks equipment.

Because the material is slightly cheaper, the players equipment is not enough has become a valid item.

For this reason, it means that is rising demand for Sewing Thread of material.

So is the material.

Whitefrost Cotton Boll will take in the usual gathering place in Coerthas-West-Highlands.

However, since the item is 60☆ level, you will need a certain amount of equipment.

Otherwise, only Crystal.

Since the material is only this, it is a good point that not too much loss if it fails in the making.

The only catch is, it is that it is slightly higher production degree of difficulty.

In order to HQ, it is necessary to strengthen the equipment.

You might as sell items that did not sell until now by the patch.

Let’s find a way to earn a variety.