(Making Gil in FFXIV) Glass Fiber

How to get

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The theme Earn from a new patch

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Glass Fiber is a new item that was added in patch 3.3.

Price for some reason has been very high.

It’s because of the Luminous Fiber.

Luminous Fiber is an intermediate material that Alchemist can make.

This item is a material of new land and hand equipment.

Moreover, it uses all of the equipment.

Because there are players who want to make the equipment right now, the price is high.

Therefore, the price of Glass Fiber is high.

However, since some of available route has been found, it will drop the price over time.

So, is available route.

Do Desynthesis for exchange equipment of land and hand(AF2)


When do Desynthesis AF2, Glass Fiber will appear.

The tried this time is the Gemkeep’s Coronal, but it probably should come out in other equipment.

This approach can be carried out in Collectable items and Blue Scrip.

I think that’s a good way for players to be able to collect them.

It is also good to Fieldcraft Demimateria III appears.

Do Desynthesis The Void Ark’s equipment

It seems to appear to do Desynthesis these equipment.

Since the Desynthesis class is different by each equipment, I think it good to aim the equipment suitable.

Moogle beast tribe quests

If you clear the Moogle beast tribe quests, “Carved Kupo Nut” will get.

If you collect it seven, it can be exchanged in Glass Fiber.

The Aquapolis

Glass Fiber will drop in The Aquapolis.

Since The Aquapolis itself also in making Gil good, I think that I can get if you are lucky.

These are available destination has been found now.

Let’s collected in a way that easy to do for me.