New AW story in patch 3.3 (where to get and market)

New AW story was added in patch 3.3.

This time, by preparing two of Crystal Sand and Umbrite, grow the AW.

Umbrite is available to replace Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics(300).

Otherwise how to obtain is unknown.

Crystal Sand is sufficient to prepare one group of the following items, you can exchange.

1. Rowena’s Token (Blue Crafters’ Scrip)×5

2. Rowena’s Token (Blue Gatherers’ Scrip)×5

3. Garlond Steel, Celestine, and High Allagan Chimera Leather

4. Amber-encased Vilekin

5. Fire Materia IV, Wind Materia IV, Lightning Materia IV

6. Ice Materia IV, Earth Materia IV, Water Materia IV

7. Battlecraft Demimateria I×3, Battlecraft Demimateria II×2, Fieldcraft Demimateria I×3 and Fieldcraft Demimateria II×2

8. Moonstone×5

9. Inferno Horn, Crag Heart and Diamond Tear

10. Vortex Feather, Barb of the Whorl and Large Levin Orb

11. Superior Enchanted Ink×5 and Thavnairian Mist×5

12. Mhachi Farthing×2 and Allagan Catalyst×5

If those can be traded in the market, it may not be able to.

The following is available destination.

1. Replace Blue Crafters’ Scrip

2. Replace Blue Gatherers’ Scrip

3. Production (main material is available from Exploratory Voyages)

4. Battlecraft Leves of Temple Leves

5. such as Spiritbond or Materia Transmutation

6. such as Spiritbond or Materia Transmutation

7. Desynthesis

8. Company Seals or Deliverance of Ixali Daily Quests

9. each of Primal(Extreme)

10. each of Primal(Extreme)

11. Replace Allagan Tomestone of Poetics in Mor Dhona(Superior Enchanted 50, Thavnairian Mist 40)

12. The Void Ark(Mhachi Farthing), Treasure of Syrcus Tower or Desynthesis “Syrcus Tower’s Equipment” and “The Labyrinth of the Ancients’s Equipment”(Allagan Catalyst)

In this way there are a variety of available destination.

You can buy in the market in which is the 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 (only Allagan Catalyst).

These items might sell toward a player wants to complete the AW.

However, this time of AW is difficult to prepare Umbrite.

So sales may not be expected.

If a person who does not do the AW, I think that earn if exhibited items collected.

Please try to take advantage of as making Gil.

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