(Making Gil in FFXIV) Grade 3 Thanalan-Topsoil

How to get

West Thanalan

Miner 50
ET 5:00
8th stage

The theme Earn by large quantities not available items

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There are three types Topsoil of La-Noscean-Topsoil, Shroud-Topsoil and Thanalan-Topsoil.
Thanalan-Topsoil is the most popular in them.

Each effect is,

La-Noscean-Topsoil  HQ rate up
Shroud-Topsoil        number of harvest up
Thanalan-Topsoil     intercross rate up

Thanalan-Topsoil that popularity has various reasons.

>Valuable crop is available by intercross.

>Because it can only particularly valuable crop is one available, do not work the effect of increasing the number of harvest.

Therefore, the player is usually to be crossed.

Since Grade 3 Thanalan-Topsoil is crossed at probability of 90%, it is the most popular Topsoil.

What about demand.

Let’s focus on the amount of use.

Most people use the Deluxe Garden Patch. They need eight of Topsoil once the cultivation.

Since the new Topsoil is needed for every new cultivation, it seems to be used a lot.

However, the crop is made by the passage of Global time.

Depending on the crop, it takes about 2 days to 10 days.

For this reason, people to cultivate will have enough time to collect the Topsoil on their own.

Therefore, we use the fact that this item is difficult to collect.

Because this is LIMIT item, it takes only one at a time of harvest.

Difficult to collect in a normal harvest.

But, the retainer can also get one at the Hunting.

With the retainer can easily collect.

I think it is good to collect towards the demand of patch 3.3.