(Making Gil in FFXIV) The Diadem harvest

How to get

Carry out the harvest in many parts of The Diadem

The theme To collect items that only can get here.

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Diadem can be collected at all of the gatherer.

The first is Botanist and Miner.
And it is what you make in the material.


60☆ Royal Mistletoe
>Max-Potion, Max-Ether, Blessed Fletchings

60☆ Cloud Cotton Boll
>Cloud Cloth, Moogle Miniature


60☆ Sphalerite
>Galvanized Garlond Steel, Titanium Alloy Ingot

These are materials of equipment of Sky Pirate’s, and will be raw materials of AW.

In particular, since the item of the AW is necessary to complete the AW, demand will continue.

These items are freely available within the time limit.

However, there are some drawbacks.

First of all, it does not work the stealth of the gatherer.
So as not to perceive from monsters, it must be carefully collected.

Since level of the item is 60☆, it is difficult to harvest.

There still are difficulties, there is also the fact that Diadem is too wide.

However, because the collection is not easy, player can sell at a higher price conversely.

The following is a Fisher.

There is also a fish not worth to take only in Diadem.

The current popularity of the fish is as follows.

60 Retribution Staff
>Steamed Staff

60 Pterodactyl
>Pterodactyl Leather, Pterodactyl Strap

60 Gem Marimo
>Max-Potion, Max-Ether

The drawback of the fisher is that the harvest location change.

Location will vary by degree of difficulty.

Since easily catch if you find a safe place, it is easier than the other classes.

In addition, the gatherer may be able to obtain an item called  Steel-Sky-Pirate-Spoil.

So it can be exchanged for other items, let’s examine the price in advance in the market.

In this way there is a lot earn items.

For gatherer, it may be difficult to make the party.

Let’s various ideas.