(Making Gil in FFXIV) The Diadem battle

How to get

Get equipped with the Diadem, exchange to Spoil.

The theme Earn in combat.

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Let’s collect the Brass Sky Pirate Spoil to replace the Materia and items.

The first is a list of exchange items that are likely to sell at a high price.

Number is the exchange rate.

20 Strength Materia V
20 Vitality Materia V
20 Dexterity Materia V
20 Intelligence Materia V
20 Mind Materia V
20 Piety Materia V
20 Heavens’ Eye Materia V
20 Savage Aim Materia V
20 Savage Might Materia V
20 Battledance Materia V
20 Quickarm Materia V
20 Quicktongue Materia V

8 Purified Coke
8 Raziqcoat
8 Dryad Sap
8 Moonbeam Silk
8 Odorless Animal Fat
8 Skyspring Water

However, the item to be replaced in the 8 are coming down in price.

It is recommended to be replaced with Materia.

Please check in the market is what Materia is sell.

The following is collected way of Brass Sky Pirate Spoil.

If replacing the equipment to get from the treasure box in Diadem, you can get Spoil.

the rate is,

IL150 1 piece
IL180 2 pieces
IL210 3 pieces

Problem is, how to do is to efficiently collect.
There is a possibility that different on the World or the Date center, but there is a tendency.

>Normal is popular.

Easy is popular with gatherer if anything.

And, Normal can beat a lot of monsters than Hard.

The main reason is that.

You may feel that easy to earn in the equipment towards the hard is good will.

However, the important thing is the time efficiency.

Normal is easy to beat the monster.

Since the normal easy beat the monster, you can eventually get a lot of spoiling.

>Not beat the notorious monsters(NM)

Since the NM is a powerful, it takes time to beat.

If the same spend time, who beat the weak monsters, you can get the equipment a lot.

And, depending on the number of the party you may not beat the monster.
If you fight the weak monsters, you can obtain reliably.

This making Gil can also people who are doing only combat.

For those who like to battle, it is a good making Gil.