(Making Gil in FFXIV) Material of Airship Bronco-type

How to get

To produce in the Crafter.

The theme Earn from busy people

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Airship is one of the content that can play in the house of FC.

Seems like nothing to do with do not have a house, but you have a chance to make Gil is actually.

Since the vast material in order to make the airship is required, use it.

By the way, you must prepare this much material in most rank low Bronco-type.

Yew Lumber 18
Mahogany Lumber 18
Rosewood Lumber 21
Spruce Lumber 18
Bronze Rivets 18
Iron Ingot 21
Iron Rivets 21 21 24 30
Iron Nails 18 21
Steel Ingot 21 24 24 24 30
Steel Rivets 21 24 24 12
Steel Joint Plate 24 30
Mythril Plate 18
Mythril Rivets 30 30
Cobalt Ingot 18 24 24
Cobalt Rivets 18
Cobalt Joint Plate 24 24
Darksteel Nugget 21
Darksteel Plate 18 6 12
Darksteel Ingot 6 6 6
Silver Ingot 30 30
Electrum Ingot 18
Boar Leather 18
Saurian Leather 6
Hard Hippogryph Leather 6
Linen Canvas 18 12
Vanya Silk 6
Horn Glue 18
Varnish 18

28 kinds, 972 pieces also prepared items.

It is hard to prepare these.

Therefore, there is a possibility that can earn.

And because the land is added in patch 3.3, we expect the demand.

However, there are also points to keep in mind.

If you want to exhibit, it is necessary to determine whether the NQ only or HQ only.

When you deliver the material in airship, you need the same level as when you make.

So, probably sell to a busy person.

Since Darksteel Ingot and Vanya Silk are a little cumbersome, it is recommended.

Let’s earn in these items.