(Making Gil in FFXIV) End game content part2

The theme Earn for End Game player

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Meal is although some people do not use normally, it is required to end-game-content player.

For example, let’s look at the status increase rate of Hot Chocolate HQ.

PIE + 5% (limit 30)              five pieces in Piety Materia IV

VIT + 6% (limit 37)              about five pieces in Vitality Materia IV

Spell Speed + 3% (limit 18) about two pieces in Quicktongue Materia IV

Since the status is raised about 12 pieces Materia IV, it is no reason not to use.

So should you prepare any meals.

However, there is a point to note.

First of all, the high level of the item is not always sell.

End content requires practice for clear.

During practice there are players who use the meal dropped a little grade.

Therefore, selling even items of certain level.

In particular,

Baked Pipira Pira,
Morel Salad
Hot Chocolate
Steamed Staff

Including the 60 level close meal,

Triple Cream Coffee
Flint Caviar

Meal of level 50s, such as is the case.

In addition, another point is to look at the market.


>Examine only one status
>Examine the price of materia

For example, since “Parry” is not popular status, the price is low.
“Critical Hit Rate” is popular status, the price is high.

The trend is not only a meal, you can see the same trend in Materia.

If you make a meal of dealing with popular status, it might be sold.

Since the meal there is a kind a lot, let’s earn find the likely selling things.