(Making Gil in FFXIV) End game content part1

The theme Earn by End Game player

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There are also End game content to FF14.
Bahamut and Alexander are right.

This content is a combat content that best equipment is required.

It will be the pride to clear this content.

Strong equipment, rare items, and we challenge of this content to seek a sense of accomplishment.

So, some people spare no Gil.

Let’s earn from such people.

The first is equipment.

This game is a powerful equipment will be implemented at the time of the same timing as the end content.
However, production degree of difficulty is very high.

In other words, only people with skills can make.
Because such a person is making to own, do not need to deal with this blog.

So how do you.
Let’s think in a little more wide range.

One is to earn towards the Crafter.
Also in equipment that can not make your own, you may be able to sell something to the Crafter.
Even paying the high price in the market, I think that there are people who want to make the equipment right now.

For the Crafter, there is a way to sell the material of equipment.

For example, when thinking in patch 3.2,

Frost Cotton Boll
Smithsonite Ore

Or collect such items,

Gobcraft Resin
Eikon Fiber
Eikon Mythrite

Replace this kind of item.

Can not be produced, it should not give up.
Turning to the material, it is important to think about what you earn with.

The other ways is Materia.

It introduced the Beast tribe quests in a previous article.

Perhaps in the next End content, will the equipment is produced in large quantities.
At that time, will Materia is used in amazing speed.

In other words, it is one of the ways to collect materia for the future.

Collecting materia from now, let’s prepare to earn.