(Making Gil in FFXIV) Hippogryph Skin

How to get

Get in combat

The theme Earn cumbersome items to collect

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You can make Hippogryph Leather from the Hippogryph Skin.

This Leather is the material in more than 100 kinds of items.

However, it is a little cumbersome to collect in spite of use a lot.

First of all, you can not get in the Hunting of retainer in the current patch(patch 3.26).
(Field Exploration is available)
Because of this, there is a way is basic to get in combat.

There are several available methods.

An easy way is to defeat the Hippogryph in Mor Dhona.

But since the emergence waiting, it is still cumbersome.
Therefore you make Gil by the reason.

If you can make the Hippogryph Leather, would be good to sell it.

In what will make from the Leather.

Militia Choker

It is easy to earn the Grand Company Seals and free company credits.

Archaeoskin Grimoire
Archaeoskin Codex

It is expected the Desynthesis demand of Alchemist.

Miner’s Shirt
Blacksmith’s Apron

Also you can make these things.

Since cumbersome to collect, such items will make Gil.