[FFXIV] Veteran player aims to buy housing S size with new character : part 3 (7 to 9 hours)

It is a plan that FFXIV experience person (play history 5 years or more) aim at the purchase of S house with the new character.

How long does it take for a new character?

I plan to put the Gil making in the process.

In addition, please be careful about new player because there is a scene to touch also about the story.

Let’s get started! !

7-9 hours

Let’s decide the policy of earning Gil soon.

Fighter or land and hand?

If aim at a fighter, such a Gil earning looks good.

>Aim for a rare drop in the deep dungeon (palace of the dead)

>Aim for orchestration with some IDs

>Earn with The Aquapolis

Speaking of rare drops in deep dungeons, “Modern Aesthetics – Samsonian Locks”, “Lesser Panda”, ”
Night Pegasus Whistle”, etc.

It will also be leveling, but how many times should I go for the rare drop …

If it was “Night Pegasus Whistle”, it would be enough to aim at S or even M, but it is an area where it is impossible to go solo in the first place.

Although “Modern Aesthetics – Samsonian Locks” can be obtained from 1F to 10F, it is also difficult to train the equipment of the palace of the dead from now on.

Orchestrion Roll is expensive depending on the ID, so it might be good to collect it.

The aquapolis is a bit far from first of all because it must clear the Heavensward.

On the other hand, I can earn with various items if a land and hand, but this is also very difficult to leveling.

Besides, it costs for materials, so there is a possibility that I can not earn more than I think.

… This is simply something I’m good at.

I will aim for 1.5 million gils in land and hand!!

Well then … to Gold Saucer! !

… Actually, I’m wondering look Challenge Log, this, than those who did the gold saucer earn Gil?

I cleared mini-game and triple triad for the time being.

Mahjong … is a tough time, so I will do with the main character.

After that, try to raise the level of the miner.

The miner is Lv10 after 7 hours.

If this is also equipment priority, it is better to do the Crafter first, but if it is saving of the gill, it is difficult because it is better to do it from the Gatherer.

Well, I think that the basics from the Crafter are not a problem because the material of the Crafter of the early stage is sold at the store.

It is now possible to release not only the Dye but also Glamour.

Well, is the Retainer open here?

Is the Retainer Open? (It is important to say twice)

The Crafter’s turn is about to arrive.

Because I forgot to take a picture of the status, Tataru.

Lv does not change after 8 hours.

Still the level is the numerical value which can go to the next story and ID at all.

Since the level goes up first, the story goes on steadily, and even if the equipment is not prepared, it will rush into the ID.

There is no need to collect equipment in subquests because experience is sufficient …

I feel that it is okay to give more of the reward equipment in the main story.

First of all, the level is too high and Amarja doesn’t respond.

It’s a scene where I intrude into dangerous places and find proofs.

At the same time open the Halatali.

Oh yeah, Halatali had nothing to do with the main story.

After defeating Ifrit, I finally came to the Grand Company.

I will go to hear the speeches of the confederates of the various places.

Kan-E-Senna’s speech is Pappaya.

Lv 29 after 9 hours. It’s only a few more jobs.

Results after 9 hours

Gladiator Lv. 27 → Lv. 29
Miner Lv 1 → Lv10
Gil 17,583 → 33,285

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