[FFXIV] Veteran player aims to buy housing S size with new character : part 2 (4 to 6 hours)

It is a plan that FFXIV experience person (play history 5 years or more) aim at the purchase of S house with the new character.

How long does it take for a new character?

I plan to put the Gil making in the process.

Let’s get started! !

4 to 6 hours

Accumulate the experience value of the main quest and the job quest more and more.


Alchemist’s quest came in my eyes, but now I’m patience.

How do you fight such a boss here?

That’s why four hours have passed and finally the flight is released.

Maybe it’s easier to go up level than offline RPG.

Well, the second half requires steady leveling.

Don’t forget to open the Challenge Log at Limsa Lominsa while traveling around the city.

This Challenge Log is the greatest Gil making in the opening stages.

If you clear one, you can get one thousand Gils, and if you achieve five, you can get ten thousand Gils.

Can do it gradually by the reset, so now I’m going to go through the story.

Ah! ! !

I also forgot to equip an Aetheryte Earring orz

Well, I think I was saved before entering the ID.

People who know are the parties that usually take screenshots.

That’s why Sastasha clear! !

I came here by the end of 5 hours.

With this flow, Tam-Tara also clears.

The level is much higher than the appropriate level, and I’m getting anxious.

Before, I thought that the level was high even though the beginner FC members were not making much progress in the main story so much, but that would be the case.

Well, I think the main reason is that it is a Preferred Worlds this time.

And since there was still time, Copperbell also cleared.

The tank should be quick enough.

Six hours have passed.

It is already at the level where even jobs can be seen.

What’s wrong?

Results after 6 hours

Gladiator Lv16 → Lv27
Gil 3,907 → 17,583

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