[FFXIV] Veteran player aims to buy housing S size with new character : part 1 (1 to 3 hours)

Let’s challenge to aim at the house purchase of S size with new characters.

The conditions are as follows.

>FFXIV experienced person (more than 5 years of playing history)

>Aim at the lowest price of S House 1,488,000 Gil (about 1.5 million Gil)

>Use Preferred Worlds

>Skip all stories

>Do not belong to FC

>Do not disclose character name

>Do not disclose Retainer name

>Prohibit receiving items from other players

>All Gils earned in the market are given to the player

The reason for not disclosing the character name etc. is to be fair.

Also, I will take screenshots every hour as much as possible, so I would like to see Gil’s movement so far.

Then start! !

First to third hour

The race is Aura.

The server is Durandal (currently Preferred Worlds), and the job is a Gladiator (Paladin).

As a result, it is a shortcut to open content and increase the area where you can go.

I immediately go around the city of Ul’dah while accepting orders for quests.

It is important to open all the Aetheryte in the city to save time.

The reward for the quest is a choice of equipment, which beat the enemy more and more.

One hour has passed and Lv11.

I guess it feels so good.

Well, restart from the break.

Equipment is loose until Lv15 …?

Forgot to equip Aetheryte Earring (Reservation privilege of the Shadowbringers) orz

Hurry and steal an Aetheryte Earring(Under reservation acceptance of the Shadowbringers) from the letter Moogle bag and equip it.

Aetheryte Earring

However, the Thanalan main story has never been done before, but in a sense it’s a flowing song.

(What is this displayed in English?)

Two hours are Lv13.

The level really goes up fast.

It’s enough just to advance the main story.

I really wanted to clear everything, but I can only do Job Quest.

There is no choice but to advance the main story and the job quest.

The help of FATE is fun.

Lv 16 in 3 hours.

It’s going to continue leveling and the main story for a while.

3 hours have passed

Gladiator Lv1 → Lv16
Gil 0 → 3,907

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