[FFXIV making Gil] Items that are easy to earn with Leves of Kugane (patch 4.56 Version)

How to obtain

Each item reference

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Earn lightly with Leves

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I will try to pick up items that are likely to be earned easily with the Leves of Kugane.

– reference data –

It chooses under the following conditions.

>only Repeatable order

>All materials can be collected by Miner and botanist

>Do not use intermediate materials as much as possible

>The situation where you can make HQ products surely

Since Leves’s rewards are not constant, the amount of Gil is roughly around.

Kudzu Thread

Kudzu Vine 12
Lightning Crystal 12

About 1200 Gil x 6

It is the most convenient item with the least amount of material required.

The amount you can earn is less.

Persimmon Tannin

Persimmon 15
Crescent Spring Water 3
Water Crystal 15

About 1400 gill x 6

Next, the material increased a little, and the amount of money to earn is also increasing a little.

Enchanted Palladium Ink

Palladium Sand 9
Pine Resin 3
Crescent Spring Water 3
Water Crystal 15

About 1400 gill x 6

This is also the same feeling as Persimmon Tannin.

Twinsilk Apron

Twinsilk 6
Twinthread 3
Palladium Nugget 3

– Actual amount –

Twincoon 84
Effervescent Water 21
Palladium Sand 12
Electrum Ore 3

Lightning Crystal 140
Wind Crystal 20

About 2700 × 6

It requires a lot of material compared to others.

Because the amount of Gil you can earn is double that much, the efficiency with the Leves ticket is the best.

However, since Crystal consumption is also intense, it is better to check prices in the market as it is more difficult to earn than I thought of calculating the cost.

I think that it depends on the item reward after.

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