(Making Gil in FFXIV) Zodiac Weapons

How to get

To produce in the Crafter.

The theme Earn in the past of content

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ZW(Zodiac Weapons) is the same series as the AW(Anima Weapons).

However, AW has already been started, you do not need to prepare the ZW.

So why earn by ZW.
It has unique reasons of online game.

To give the reason,

>Because the content that did not play, I want to experience.
>To do Glamour.
>To get Achievement.
>Killing time.

Such will be considered.

In other words, it means that people who want the items of ZW.

And, ZW has chance that the item sell twice.

The first is the stage of Relic.
We need to prepare the weapon that was adapted to the respective job.

Materia III is also melding in the following manner.

Paladin        Aeolian Scimitar                   Battledance Materia III ×2
Warrior       Barbarian’s Bardiche             Battledance Materia III ×2
Monk          Wildling’s Cesti                      Savage Aim Materia III ×2
Dragoon      Champion’s Lance                 Savage Aim Materia III ×2
Bard            Longarm’s Composite Bow   Heavens’ Eye Materia III ×2
White Mage Madman’s Whispering Rod   Quicktongue Materia III ×2
Black Mage  Sanguine Scepter                  Savage Might Materia III ×2
Summoner   Erudite’s Picatrix Of Casting Savage Might Materia III ×2
Scholar        Erudite’s Picatrix Of Healing Quicktongue Materia III ×2
Ninja           Vamper’s Knives                    Heavens’ Eye Materia III ×2

In addition, you do not need to be the HQ.
Some of the people who start the ZW from now, will there are people who think that troublesome.
It sells items to such a person.

The other one is the stage of the Zodiac Braves.

Among them, there are items that Crafter can make.

Perfect Firewood HQ
Furnace Ring HQ
Perfect Mortar HQ
Perfect Pestle HQ
Perfect Vellum HQ
Perfect Pounce HQ
Tailor-made Eel Pie HQ
Perfect Cloth HQ

People who do battle content will be to buy them from the market.

However, these materials,

Aged Spear Shaft
Aged Eye of Fire
Aged Mortar Pieces
Aged Pestle Pieces
Aged Vellum
Dried Ether
Vintage Cooking Sherry
Stained Cloth

These can be obtained by Desynthesis items that are sold in silver bazaar.

For Desynthesis items, we cannot get necessary item every time.

Whether it becomes surplus, let’s calculation.