[FFXIV making Gil] Housing item pickup added in patch 4.4 Part 2

Acquisition method

Refer to each item

This theme

Earn with furniture

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Various furniture items were added for patch 4.4, so I will pick it up.

Last time is here

Hand Basket

Carpenter Lv50☆☆

Bamboo Stick 3
Cotton Canvas 2

It is a basket that can put something in.

That’s why I tried putting items actually. (Elixir Bottle is what you put)

There is a limit to the size that can be put, and since the bottom is filled a bit, I think that it is necessary to devise to some extent.

I think that it is relatively easy to make materials because there is nothing particularly difficult.

Dyeing is also possible.

Mahogany Bunk Bed

Carpenter Lv42

Mahogany Lumber 4
Undyed Felt 5
Apkallu Down 5
Steel Rivets 2

It is a bunk bed.

Since it has a ladder, you can climb from there and go to the upper stage.

There used to be a double bed so far but since there were no such bunk beds, I think there is a new demand.

Materials are slightly troublesome, but the difficulty itself is low, so it is possible to produce even if the level of the crafter is not Max.

It is also dyeable.

Mounted Plate Rack

Carpenter Lv43

Mahogany Lumber 3
Cobalt Ingot 4
Mythril Rivets 3

It is a wall-mounted type of furniture.

It is a furniture containing such dishes from the beginning.

Material is also simple, so it’s easy to make.

Dyeing is possible.

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