[Fishing with ffxiv] Gigantshark

It’s a number. I have to do a number.

Now it’s time to fish.

NO. 11 Gigantshark

Location: Middle La Noscea – Summerford
Time: None
Weather: Clear Skies, Fair Skies
Bait: pill bug

How to fish

pill bug

Harbor Herring HQ (Powerful) → (Mooch) Gigantshark (Powerful)

↓ (Mooch)

Ogre Barracuda HQ (Powerful)

↓ (Mooch)

Gigantshark (Powerful)

There is no problem because this big fish has been caught before.

Hit rate is not bad either.

I caught fairly easily.

Well, Desynthesis time for enjoyment.

It’s okay, anything other than Fine Sand will be a story.

It is likely to sell at a pretty high price.

Today is here.

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