(Making Gil in FFXIV) Airship Repair Materials

How to get

Airship Repair Materials 50☆☆
It can be manufactured in all Crafter jobs.

Dark Matter Cluster ×1
Grade 6 Dark Matter ×5
(Use Crystal is different by the job.)

Craftsmanship Required: 347

The theme Earn from the housing holder

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Airship Repair Materials is used to repair the airship.

If FC has the airships, can make this item.
But, it will sell for some reason.

Perhaps, there are many players to stay in the housing area.

In fact, there is a retainer Bell, markets board and materials shop in the housing area.
Players do not need to leave the area.

They go to mostly of content by CF, and can also go to The Diadem.

Because they are possible to enjoy a chat, would stay in the area that I think that’s why.

In, it is the main subject.

Dark matter cluster can’t get from the Hunting of retainer.
(However, it seems to be able to request from the patch 3.3)

Therefore, it is necessary to go to pick up on your own if you want to cheaper.

People who have a house don’t have almost occasion to use Gil.
So, repair materials are sold.

Dark Matter Cluster is available at various locations.

Recommend is unspoiled location in Mor Dhona.

It is the reason that 1 to 7 stage has been determined.
Either Dark Matter Cluster or Unaspected Crystal is available from the 8 stage.

Also, Grade 6 Dark Matter is sold at the store in the town.

Let’s sell making such items in order to earn Gil.