(Making Gil in FFXIV) Anima Weapons

How to get

To produce in the Crafter.

The theme Earn an absolute necessary items.

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Anima Weapons(AW) is the basically grown weapons, but there are situations in which earn sometimes.

In this case, it is necessary to prepare a particular item in order to grow the weapon.

It is the 20 Unidentifiable (Bone, Shell, Ore, Seeds) and it is 4 specific item four kinds.

Items that earn in this is,

Adamantite Francesca HQ ×4
Titanium Alloy Mirror HQ ×4
Dispelling Arrow HQ ×4
Kingcake HQ ×4

that’s all.

These are obtained by only production, and moreover there is a need for HQ.

It is possible to earn the most if you make them.
In fact, I have earned a lot of house’s purchase funds.

After all, it is important that they need in order to complete the AW.

Because great demand is generated, you can make Gil.

IL is now 230 in patch 3.25.
Still we expect the demand.

However, because not enough level people can not make, look for the items that can earn from your situation.

So consider the intermediate material.

These materials,

Pterodactyl Strap
Titanium Alloy Square
Blessed Fletchings
Moogle Miniature

And, further attention to the material,

Royal Mistletoe
Cloud Cotton Boll

These are available only in Diadem.

In other words, you can sell these items for the Crafter.

If level of the Crafter is not raised, it is possible to earn in the gatherer.