(Making Gil in FFXIV) Challenge log

How to get


In any of the levels 15, and Main Scenario Quests “Call of the Sea” clear.

The theme Make Gil in passing of something

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Challenge log is one of the content that can be released from the level 15.
If you achieve their purpose, you can get such as Gil and Experience.

Get the amount of Gil does not have so many.
However, it is so easy can be achieved in something to do.

So, let’s calculate how much you can get.
Assume a reasonable case.

Complete 3 dungeons via the Duty Roulette 1000 Gil

Complete 3 guildhests 1000 Gil

Receive the highest rating possible in FATEs in 5 different regions 1000 Gil
Successfully complete 10 unique FATEs 2000 Gil

Complete 5 Levequests with different leve plates 1000 Gil
Complete 20 levequests 2000 Gil

Disciples of the Hand
Craft 30 Items 1000 Gil
Craft 20 high-quality Items 2000 Gil

Disciples of the Land
Successfully gather items of comparable level to your own 100 times 1000 Gil
Successfully gather high-quality items of comparable level to your own 30 times 2000 Gil

Treasure Hunt
Gather 3 timeworn maps 1000 Gil
Open 5 treasure coffers and obtain their contents while treasure hunting 2000 Gil

Beast Tribe Quests
Complete 5 beast tribe daily quests 1000 Gil
Complete 15 beast tribe daily quests 2000 Gil

Have a retainer complete 10 ventures 1000 Gil

Defeat 20 enemies of comparable level to your own with your companion 1000 Gil

Player Commendation
Vote 5 times in player commendation 1000 Gil

Gold Saucer
Complete 3 mini-games non-Gil
Earn 100 MGP from mini-games non-Gil
Enter 5 chocobo races non-Gil

23000 + bonus18000 = 41000 Gil

In other words, you can get about 160,000 Gil monthly.

Challenge log is available at the Gill only once every week.

I think that good as an additional making Gil.