(Making Gil in FFXIV) Demimateria of the Vortex

How to get

Do Desynthesis the equipment available at The Howling Eye (Hard or Extreme)

The theme Earn from the system

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Demimateria of the Vortex is available by decomposing the equipment at The Howling Eye (Hard or Extreme).

If you make a weapon with this, there is a possibility that sell at a high price.

However, this time is different way.
The way is that sell this Demimateria.

It becomes the 7800 Gil at the store.

Since it is for the system, not taken the commission, will soon sell when you want to sell.

So, it is how to obtain.

A good way is to repeat the Extreme.

You can also is available on the Hard.
However, there is a drawback in the Desynthesis.

The following is equipped with a corresponding class, available in hard.


Garuda’s Gaze
Garuda’s Talons
Garuda’s Scream
Garuda’s Pain
Garuda’s Abandon


Garuda’s Beak
Garuda’s Spine


Garuda’s Plumes
Garuda’s Wile
Garuda’s Tail
Garuda’s Van
Garuda’s Lift


Garuda’s Will
Garuda’s Embrace

Since the class of decomposition is four types, becomes inefficient depending your class.
So, select the Extreme.

The following is equipped with a corresponding class, available in Extreme.


Vortex Ring of Fending
Vortex Ring of Slaying
Vortex Ring of Aiming
Vortex Ring of Casting
Vortex Ring of Healing

In other words, all the equipments are available as Goldsmith.

In addition, available to the Faded Copy.

I think it is good to aim Materia, Xanthos and Faded Copy.

However, there is also a drawback.

Because battle of Extreme although the previous content, you need players who have a certain degree of strength.

Requires a certain level of Desynthesis.

By the way, this method is likely to earn only now.

If progress patch, will be able to obtain more easily, it becomes easy to earn.

Then, in order to maintain the game balance, there is a possibility to modify the price.

In fact, since there is a case that fixes the price of the item, let’s note.