(Making Gil in FFXIV) Gold Ore

How to get

Miner 50☆
Eastern Thanalan ET9:00
sixth place

The theme Earn in the previous rare material

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Gold Ore is

Aurum Regis Nugget
Rose Gold Nugget
Gold Ingot

You use in the something like them.

Aurum Regis Nugget and Rose Gold Nugget are a high demand because they are very versatile.

First, Aurum Regis Nugget has become a more than 100 kinds of materials, such as Blue Scrip, Red Scrip, New and Artifact Equipment.

As an example,

Blue Scrip Adamantite Spear, Serpentskin Bracers of Aiming
Red Scrip  Noble Gold, Chimerical Felt Tabard of Striking
New          Eikon Leather Breeches of Fending, Eikon Cloth Culottes of Scouting
Artifact     Boltmaster’s Gibus, Hidemaster’s Knife

Etc., also apply to the other.

Since useful as an intermediate material, increases the demand for gold Ore.
If possible, it would be good to sell making Aurum Regis Nugget.

In addition, Rose Gold Nugget is also more than 100 kinds of material.

Since the Rose Gold Nugget need 3 pieces of gold mine to make, there is a demand.

And it is unknown material, but use a lot, Gold Ore is said to be worth.

However, you can get about 25 pieces in one of the mining.
Retainer also can get 9 in the Hunting.

Therefore, it is not without distribution.

If the level of the gatherer is not 60, I think that to become a good making Gil.