About this blog

This blog in order to buy a house in FFXIV, will introduce a lot of making money.

By the way, exactly is not “buy a house”, “bought a house.”

I bought a house of M size(28 million Gil).

However, because the blog to buy a house, I’m going to introduce the making money that can be even if there is no home.

About the difficulty

The difficulty is as follows with the ease of how to make Gil.

diffiiculty-1 Equipment and capacity of about level 15

diffiiculty-2 Equipment and capacity of about level 30

diffiiculty-3 Equipment and capacity of about level 50,The main quest is around Ishgard

diffiiculty-4 Equipment and capacity of level 60,The main quest “Heavensward” clear

diffiiculty-5 Multiple classes level 60 and Best close equipment

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You may not earn depending on the situation of market ,server and patch.

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